Sunday, December 14, 2014

With Love and Gratitude

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Guruji’s presence in my life has always been so unspectacular, yet, always so profound and deep. His grace in my live is immeasurable and yet so subtle.
Recently, after a very hectic schedule of late nights and early mornings, we (my wife, my 4 year old daughter and I) were returning from Dubai to Abu Dhabi after attending Rishi Vidhyadharji’s morning Sadhana.In about 10 minutes from the time I actually touched the Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway, I started feeling sleepy. As Priyanka, my wife and Avni, my daughter, too were tired, they dozed off a little later and I kept driving to be on time for a meeting at Abu Dhabi. After some time, I said to Priyanka that she should talk to me as I was feeling sleepy. She suggested that I should stop at one of the petrol pumps and rest there for few minutes but as there was no petrol pump nearby, I had to keep going until I could find one. I finally found one and came close to the exit. However just before taking the exit, my eyes closed for few seconds.

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