Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Power of Sankalpa

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I would like to share this beautiful experience of mine that made me realize the importance of Sankalpa, and how a pure desire truly manifests. One day while we were taking a walk, my husband said to me “Wouldn’t it be nice to purchase a school and run it?” We both had always been in favour of education to all, as we believe that it is extremely essential in order to be self sufficient in today’s world. So we made a strong Sankalpa in our minds that we wanted to teach and educate in a big way, and we then surrendered it at the Lotus feet of Sri Sri.
To our utmost joy and surprise, just within a weeks time, we got a call enquiring whether we were interested in looking after the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar pre-university College. This was like a dream come true, so perfect! We had fulfilled our desire to educate children, the Art of Living way.

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