Sunday, November 16, 2014

I Got The Job

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I did my first Art of Living course in August, 2012, and that day transformed me forever. I was keen on doing the course since a long time, but as Guruji says, there is a prefect time for everything. I did my course when I needed it the most.
I had done my Engineering and was confused about what I should do further. I thought of preparing for GATE at home and I studied for 6 months and gave the Exam, but the result was disastrous. I was not able to clear the cut-off. This made me extremely disheartened and depressed. Then I gave one more exam, though I was not able to get a good percentile in that too. It was truly the worst phase of my life but I still kept my faith strong and hope going, and I would do my Kriya very regularly and on time. Finally one night, Guruji came in my dream.

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Shakti Kriya with Sri Sri in Boone, NC

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