Friday, October 17, 2014

Noise to Silence

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Noise to Silence, Spoiled Teenager to Youth Leader, From a Rough Stone to Polished Diamond, yes, that's the Miraculous journey of Kapil Bhatia, a 27 Years Young Dynamic Art of Breathing Workshop and Yes Plus Teacher from a very small island which is even hard to see on a globe, but, when drop meets the ocean it’s no longer a single drop, it itself becomes the ocean.

It began in my teenage, when a few of my friends and I were a part of Disc Jockeying group and would perform at house parties and college fests. One fine day, my friend invited all of us for a DJ party at his house. As I entered, I was amazed to see people celebrating, enjoying and dancing to the tune of Bhajans (spiritual hymns). They were smiling and were happier than people I would see every day in clubs. They were ecstatic and more joyful than people who would get drunk in parties and forget human values. I could see and feel so much of belongingness. Satsang got over after a while and we started playing DJ. I was astonished to see people dancing with same enthusiasm and wondered about their secret of endless energy and their ability to accommodate to both Satsang and party so well. I was amazed as I had never seen and experienced anything like this before. After everyone left, my friend’s mom came and asked me if I had done Art of Living course. I sort of avoided her question and didn’t pay much heed.

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