Thursday, October 30, 2014

Grace Realization

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My elder sister Mitali, who is a devotee and very particular about the Kriya & follow ups, was feeling a little uncomfortable in her neck, a few years ago. Initially, she only underwent some home treatment, which made her feel absolutely fine. Then 1 year later, she complained of the same discomfort, and yet again, the same treatment helped her. Now in 2014, this discomfort increased to ten times worse. It really made her miserable. She faced great difficulty in walking, and her hands also became num. So we took her to the Doctor, who told us to get an MRI done. The reports revealed an alarming slip disk, and almost no blood circulation in her hand, making it num. There was a very big gap between the spine & the neck. On further analysis, the Doctors concluded that she must be hospitalized as soon as possible as she had to get operated under all circumstances. On hearing this, my family and I were in deep agony. The slip disk surgery is a very dangerous one as even the slightest mistake could prove to be fatal. We felt just so helpless, so paralyzed. All we could do now was pray for the Best!

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