Thursday, October 23, 2014

Diwali Special – Sri Sri My Sparkle

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This is Anuj Khanijau from Mumbai. I did my first AOL course in January, 2005. From being a firm non believer till I met Guruji in 2003, to date : it has been a journey that even I find difficult to fathom.
For some unknown reason, even though reluctant to carry on, I kept continuing the practices, on account of my commitment to the teacher during the course. Again reluctantly, my legs started pulling me onto one Advance (Part 2) course after the other. I knew I was losing control and Someone was taking over, but for a weird reason, I did not mind this happening, right to the point of walking into a TTC (Teacher’s Training Course)!
Probably it was only a few months back that I realized the true value of letting go of control!
My mother, who is a devotee since 2001, and also the one responsible for getting me hooked on, had gone for some work to Dadar (Mumbai), where she suddenly collapsed. I was not around, but another colleague with her rushed her to a close-by hospital.

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Happy Diwali - Light the Lamp of Knowledge & Wisdom

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