Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Guru is Your Nature

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It’s Saturday night and I’m getting ready to see Sri Sri tomorrow. I just took a hot bath and I’m ready for bed when the phone rings. I assume it’s someone from Los Angeles wanting a ride up North to a course, or my daughter calling to make sure I’m still alive. I answer the phone and someone on the other line says: “Dvorahji? Guruji wants to talk to you?” “Me???” I chirp. “Why would He want to talk to me?” Then I suddenly hear laughter: “Dvorah!! How are you?” It’s Guruji. I’m speechless but my “brain” kicks in. “Hi Guruji. You’re calling Me?”
“Dvorah, come, come to see me?” When are you coming?” “Guruji this is the first time you ever called me!” I stammer. “How are you Dvorah, how are you doing? “I’m great Guruji. You called me, of course I’m great!” “Well you better be” He chimes. “You don’t want to ruin my reputation!” He laughs and I also hear people in the background, roaring with laughter.

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