Sunday, September 14, 2014

Grace & Gratitude

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This is Dipti Deshpande from Mumbai. I did the AOL course a few years back & I am a devotee since then. The course really changed my life, in fact I am alive only because of the Sudarshan Kriya & Guruji’s blessings.
I was a Chemical Engineering student. I have been able to complete my course, the tough course, only because of Guruji’s blessings. It took me a lot of time to complete the course though, as it is obviously not everyone’s cup of tea. You really have to struggle a lot. Many expert students have had a difficult time accomplishing this degree.
We all put in a lot of effort studying, doing all our project work & making presentations.I told my friend Divesh, to keep sending me blessings, as I knew the importance of the Masters’ Grace in one’s life, especially when you are faced with harsh situations.

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