Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Power of the Present

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I was in dire need to do an Advance course but something or the other would keep coming up. I was praying to Gurudev for it and then Blessings came to me in many forms. I happened to get the opportunity, this Guru Purnima, in the form of Kamalashile Gurupoornima Special Advance course. Kamalashile is a tranquil, beautiful village with dense forests and amazing waterfalls located in Mangalore.

There is a very special incident that happened during the time before our course started. I, along with some course participants and our Teacher Justin, went to visit a nearby waterfall. I was not aware that we had to climb up the waterfall while it was still raining, hence I carried my spectacles along. While climbing up the waterfall, my spectacles fell down all the way from the top. Then there was no way I could have got them back.

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