Sunday, August 10, 2014

Nature Has it's Ways

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Recently, I did an AMC at the Ashram. Normally Guruji gives Darshan to all the AMC participants at the end of the course. This time was no exception either. The Darshan went really well and I was really happy after meeting the Master. I met Guruji once more that week, and I felt that all my questions were answered. It’s such a state of bliss one feels on seeing Him, it’s truly unexplainable!
The following week, while working with the Ashram Events & Promotions team, news came that Guruji was going to meet people in the evening. One of my fellow Ashram sevak (volunteer) was the first one to know about it. He was really excited to meet Guruji, as this was his first time at the ashram. He asked me if I could accompany him in the evening at the Darshan queue. I was in two minds. It was only last week that I had met Guruji, and secondly there was a lot of pending work. But still I said a ‘yes’ to my friend, just to keep him motivated. Very soon our day's work was allotted and it turned out that my friend was supposed to visit the city at 4.30 pm, which was precisely the time when Guruji would meet the devotees. And I was given the responsibility of staying back in the Ashram and handling other matters. My friend was really heartbroken, and I felt very sad for him. I even suggested that we switch responsibilities, but that was not approved by our seniors. So we went ahead as per the plan.

My friend and some other sevaks had already left by 4.30 pm, and I was waiting at my Ashram office, as I was supposed to receive a few guests. Suddenly I got a call from my Senior, saying that I was required to deliver certain items to someone at Budhha Hall (above Vishalakshi Mantap) at 5.15 pm. My desire to meet Guruji that day was very sublime. I had this ego that I had already met Him a couple of times last week, and therefore meeting Him again was not so important, and hence I would not be missing much if I did not go for Darshan. Anyway there was a rule for Ashram sevaks to attend to their work first.

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