Thursday, August 21, 2014

He Called Me Adorable

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In my unquenchable thirst for Knowledge, I decided to follow Sri Sri around for a while. I wanted to become whatever He was. I went wherever He went, laughed whenever He laughed, sat wherever He sat, and I just hung around Him. Maybe, I just might get IT! (Whatever "it" was.)

I followed Him to a retreat in Canada. It was beautiful, and about 200 people showed up. Some of the regular devotees had spent a lot of time with Him. I decided to be one of the in-crowd and began to follow Him around.

As I walked by, I saw a group of people sitting on a bench just outside His door. There was room for one more, so I sat down in silence. I closed my eyes and continued my silence. I opened my eyes just as He began putting sweets in everyone's waiting hands. As He walked by, He would occasionally call people by name.
"Oh, my God," I innocently thought. "He's actually going to give me a sweet. How wonderful!"

I held my hands open, cupped near my forehead, and sat patiently. When He approached where I was sitting, He stopped.

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