Sunday, August 31, 2014

Guru of Joy

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Since a young age, I have always been drawn towards the Divine with regular visits to our local Temple in the area. I recall spending lots of time praying very hard that I pass my university exams, find a good job and continue my work in the field of human rights, my life long passion. And with the grace of the Divine I was fortunate to have received a scholarship from the US government to further my law studies at a prestigious law school in Washington DC. On my return to South Africa, my wishes were further fulfilled, when I was offered employment by the first democratic government of South Africa as a Legislative Drafter in 1994.

What I had not anticipated is what came a few years later. In 1999, I developed very strange symptoms in my body. Following many tests and eventually an MRI, doctors diagnosed me with a hyperactive pituitary gland that produces a tiny little micro adenoma in your brain(small little benign tumour in the brain). It was inoperable, given the size and location of it and the only treatment possible was tablets that made one feel awful. Overweight, imbalance of the hormones, migraines, exhaustion, taking a pill every day and annual medical tests became a way of life for me.

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