Sunday, August 3, 2014

Faith Building

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I was introduced to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar through my Sister in Law. She had done the Art of Living course long back, in the year 2000, and had Sri Sri's picture at our home. Like any other Guru or God /Goddess, we used to see His picture and pray to Him.

One day, my mother was in a grave dilemma, and she just prayed to Sri Sri and surrendered the matter to Him, and in reality, she got her answer within 30 minutes. Wow! Now that’s truly fast and amazing! Even Pizza delivery is not so fast :). From that day onwards, my mothers’ faith started growing, and now, she completely relies on Miracles by Sri Sri .

My faith in Him actually took 5 years to develop. Maybe there’s a right time for everything in life. Initially, I used to think that Sri Sri, like many other spiritual teachers, would teach about God and talk their stories, which I was not very inclined towards. But to my pleasant surprise, it was not so.

I once happened to pick up a book on Sri Sri's teachings, which my mother had bought, and after reading a couple of chapters from there, I felt that the knowledge He was sharing was extremely practical and could be applied on a day-on-day basis, be it at home, in relations, at work, anywhere.

I saw implementable solutions to many of my problems, therein. Slowly and steadily, my inclination towards Gurudev started building. I subscribed to His pages on Facebook, started reading Guru One Liners, shared all His knowledge with friends and family, starting watching His discourses, and finally I attended the Happiness Program. That was the biggest and best step that I had taken in a long time, as its fruits were truly sweet as honey!

The most significant possession that I attained on the course was gaining back my lost confidence.

It meant the world to me at that time, as it was something that I had been long looking for. And along with that, I learnt many lessons of life, learnt to be a good person, full of zeal and positivity.

Thanks a lot Guruji for giving me back the things that I was searching for since the last 10 years. I cannot write in words, how grateful I am to Him but I can definitely feel that emotion and surrender it at His Holy feet. I feel blessed to have such a Miraculous Master in my life.

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