Thursday, July 17, 2014

Master Stroke

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I’ve had several amazing experiences since Gurujis’ presence in my life. I ask a question in my mind and pat comes the answe. I’m out of town thinking of Him, and there He appears on some random channel, at some random time, while I’m flipping the channels. I cannot count these occasions – there are just so many.
But there was one incident that really resonates in my heart, and truly makes me feel that while there is the Divine in everyone, Gurus like Sri Sri are drenched in the Divine spirit.
A few years ago, my husband suffered from a sudden drop in potassium levels. He looked bloated, and so I took him to the hospital. He was admitted to the ICU and I was alone, sitting outside the ward. The doctor told me that I was lucky to have brought him in at this time because it could have led to a cardiac arrest otherwise. They needed to do an angiograph, they said.

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