Saturday, July 12, 2014

Greatness of My Guru

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The most beautiful memory of Gurudev is that of the one with my father. My father was a Gurupooja Pundit. He completed the Gurupooja course in 2006, and I followed in 2007. Before that I completed the TTC (Teacher’s Training Course). Papa (father) was devoted to chanting many verses daily and he believed in Guruji immensely.
In May 2012 papa was taken ill. It started out gradually with swellings in his feet, but his condition did not improve over time. The doctors said it might be a problem with his liver, but they couldn’t put a finger on exactly what it was. We decided to visit the Ayurveda Hospital first. My brother took him there. He underwent treatment for 6 days – various cleansing procedures. During this time, I was at my Sahej TTC (teachers training course). So in May he was at the hospital and when he came back he was slightly better than before. During this entire period, I would message Guruji every time letting Him know of the circumstances. Even when I was in the Ashram in May I had explained papa’s state to Guruji, about his swellings and other problems. I would keep informing Him about papa’s health.
In August he was admitted in the hospital. He was transferred to another hospital and then a third one. At that time my TRM (Teacher’s Refresher Meet) course was scheduled in the Ashram. I was in a dilemma; I asked my brother if I should I go. My brother told me to go to the Ahsram; he said he was there to take care of everything here. I wanted to essentially go to talk to Guruji, to let him know that nothing was fine and that I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t getting an answer for the texts or emails or anything. I was worried. Though everybody said he has one daughter, how can she go at this time? But my faith in my Guru was the maximum. I truly believed that when I get an answer I know He can cure also. It can change everything completely. If he is not meant to go he will become okay because of Guruji. So with this faith I decided to go, no matter what anyone said. The TRM was for 2 and half days and I didn’t stay anymore. I met Guruji when he was on the way from the VM. I said “Guruji papa ki tabyat nai theek hai” (“My father’s health is not good”). I tried to tell Him what all was happening to dad. And He looked at me and said “mujhe pata hai” (“I know”). He didn’t say anything more about whether it would be okay or not.

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