Sunday, June 29, 2014

Why Fear When He is Near

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I have experienced innumerable miracles through His timely presence in my daily life. I would like to share something which happened with me recently, and was truly unbelievable in the business environment that I am into.
My husband and I, both of us are Finance professionals offering Financial Services to clients. In one of our recent cases, we mediated a Finance deal between a Private Finance party and our client. This deal was priced at Rs. 10 Crores (USD$17,00,000), and was to be completed in a months’ time at the maximum. Unlike the normal structured financial markets and arrangements, this involved payment of an advance fee of Rs.10 Lakh (USD$17,000), on mutual understanding & trust. Hence our client paid this amount to the private funding party, after agreeing to exchange some agreements.
Thereafter, we started getting alerts and hints from all professional circles about the ambiguity and NIL success rates of such deals. To confirm the same, the private party also started behaving strange, and failed to keep up to their commitments, giving all sort of excuses, thus creating a lot of stress and embarrassment for all of us.

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