Sunday, June 8, 2014

MBA in the US – Dream Fulfilled

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I would like to share my story with Guruji, right from the scratch. Well, the journey started in the year 2009. I got into Engineering College. I then did the Art of Living Basic course, but couldn't continue doing Short Kriya on a regular basis. You know the engineering life. I would find it difficult to make time. But at the end, I knew I could if I really wanted to. As they say “Nothing is impossible!”

Then in 2012, Guruji visited my home in Durgapur (West-Bengal). My parents are active volunteers serving AOL since years. Well, it was that day which changed my life completely. Guruji spoke with me for a while, and I showed my urge to study abroad. He just asked me one question "Kriya karte ho daily"? (Do you do your kriya daily?). Then, I replied "Haan Gurudev, kabhi kabhi" (Yes Guruji, sometimes). He saw my expression and gave me a smile and said "Har din kiya karo"(you must do it daily). He then asked me "Tumhe sach mein jaana hai USA padhne"? (Do you really want to go in the US and study ?) I said “Yes Guruji, I eagerly want to go!”.

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