Sunday, June 1, 2014

He Smiled and Blessed

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Once I visited the Bangalore Ashram in August on Raksha Bandhan day (a festival in India where the brother promises to protect his sister throughout his life) . I had gone to meet Guruji and was eagerly looking forward to tying him a rakhi (a holy thread that the sister ties to her brother) myself. That enitre day I held on to my rakhi waiting for an opportunity but I wasn’t able to reach him or tie it to him. I was feeling a little apprehensive, but I kept telling myself it doesn’t matter; and I kept delaying passing on the rakhi, hoping that later maybe I’ll go inside his kutir or later at night I’ll get a chance. But the day passed and by evening I was quite restless to tie the rakhi to Him. In the evening we were all gathered at the Yagnashaala. Guruji was on the stage and just below the stage is a square area enclosed by a railing where some Swamijis and teachers were sitting. I was sitting right ahead just at the edge of the railing and I could see Him prominently.

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