Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Step Towards Infinity

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This was way back in September 2011, when a silly conversation between two friends introduced me to a world of unknown. The conversation went something like this:
Namita: “Prads, why don’t you do the Art of Living (AOL) Part 1 course. You do this course now, and since I am in Bangalore, you come here in December and we will do the Advanced course at the Ashram. It will be amazing!” Pradnya (Me): “Ok Nami :)”

That was it. I googled the website of Art of Living, found two phone numbers, called up and signed up for the course. Out of the two teachers, I selected the one whose voice appealed to me. Thank God for my madness, otherwise I wouldn’t have met the very wonderful Aruna Aunty, my Teacher!
That was the beginning of my spiritual journey. I got introduced to a life that has Sudarshan Kriya, Satsangs, Seva, Knowledge and GURUJI.

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