Thursday, May 22, 2014

Surviving Every Situation with Guru’s Grace

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I live in America, and I have been facing a difficulty in breathing from my left nostril since 2 years now, and since last April, my left nostril was totally blocked. I couldn’t relate to what was happening, but in January 2014, my doctor said that it was not normal to have polyps in one nostril only, and it could be something really dangerous, like a type of benign tumour which in rarest cases, can be malignant too. I just could not believe it, as I have always been a healthy person. I became extremely restless and tensed due to this whole situation, but then I took to my last and final resort – I started doing my short Kriya, which I had not done since a long time, and contacted the Art of Living centre faculty in my area and started doing my long Kriya as well.

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