Friday, May 2, 2014

Sri Sri Knows it all

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I had been to the Bangalore ashram for the first time, this year in January. My aunt had requested me to give her letter to Guruji. The letter was sealed in an envelope. I promised her that I would give the envelope to Guruji, in His hand, to which she said that she would love it if I gave it directly to Him, but since it gets really crowded in the ashram, I might have to put it in the basket. What she said was very true, but I knew how important it was for this letter to reach Him, so I made a strong Sankalpa in my heart for the same.

Since this was the first time I was visiting the ashram, I did not really know how to reach the place, and was travelling with a friend, who too was going to Bangalore for the very first time. Eventually, I landed up meeting 50 more volunteers in the train, who were also headed to the ashram. They had an appointment with Guruji. They asked us to come along to meet Guruji. “This was the best time to hand over my aunt’s letter!” I thought to myself. I was extremely grateful to Gurudev for having made me meet these volunteers, and for getting such an opportunity to connect to Him.

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