Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sri Sri Birthday Special Guru Story

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Guru’s Miracles are truly beyond Time, Space and Distance!
Nilesh Gupta did the Part-1 course in July; travelled to Perth in August to do the Advance Course with Chris Dale, and did the Sahaj Samadhi Meditation in mid November in Sydney. Enthusiastically, as a devotee’s journey begins, we would meet frequently for Satsangs, discuss knowledge, and share Guru-Stories.
Every week, we would struggle to find a follow-up venue – Calling Schools/Colleges/Temples/Community Centres’. Just then, Nilesh and his wife Charul decided to give a part of their warehouse for the Art of Living follow-up activities. Construction started soon, within a day of this thought manifesting in their minds. Amidst their busy business and house hold chores, both husband and wife devoted their time and efforts for Seva – arranging Intro talks, organizing follow-ups etc. Planning and execution was at its peak for the centre’s interiors, matching sofa, a big picture of Gurudev, a Knowledge Library etc. Filled with enthusiasm, both of them put their mind and heart into the inauguration of the centre with a beautiful Guru-Puja and Satsang by Chris Dale on the last day of their Sahaj Course. After travelling for around 45 km from the Sahaj venue, Nilesh rushed to the warehouse for decorating the centre, but just 30 minutes before the inauguration, Nilesh fell from a height of 7 meters, from a forklift, while putting some lights for the centre.

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