Sunday, May 18, 2014

Master’s Master Plans

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Although there are many miracles that have happened in my life however I would like to share the most memorable and an unbelievable Guru story. During my final year of engineering, I was going through depression because I failed to get a company offer in spite of having good academic background. But a regular practice of Sudarshan kriya, hard work and faith in my master gave me confidence that I will be placed and also get selected in a decent organization. After the exams, I was the first person from my college to join the company while the rest waited for more than 6 months almost. Owing to the rotational shifts in the company, my health suffered and my mind moved away from the spiritual path for more than 2 years. During these 2 years I was going through a monotonous life and lost all interest in the spiritual path. Then I noticed that my father was going through a sleeping disorder so we consulted many doctors but all in vain.

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