Sunday, May 4, 2014

Knowledge is Love

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Just yesterday, my cousin sister asked me, "What do you get by following the Art of Living? What's the point of following all this when you are still unsatisfied, unhappy?" These questions can be answered only through experience.

I was introduced to the Art of Living by my best friend, at a time when I hit the early life crisis of heart break!! This problem might sound absolutely routine to people around, and maybe that’s true, yet it is very difficult and painful for the one who goes through it. I was love struck when I was 20, and now 7 years have passed by since then, yet I haven’t had a closure to this issue. I had become so sick and obsessed with this one person that my entire life revolved around him. It might sound very filmy but it’s true that I stopped living for a while. He was my God! I was depressed when, after being in love with this person for a year, I finally told him that I liked him, and all he said was "Ya, I know" and simply walked out. For over 2 years, I kept pondering on “Why did he just say - He Knows". He could have said no or yes clearly. His behaviour, his answer bothered me so much that I was not able to concentrate on anything in my life. I got so absorbed in it that I even landed up failing one of my law exams. I had become absolutely helpless as all my attempts to have a clear conversation with him failed. It was at this time, around March 2011, that I was introduced to the Art of Living.

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