Sunday, May 25, 2014

First Visit to Ashram

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This is about the first time I visited the Art Of Living Bangalore ashram; I had gone there to do the advance course in the year 2000. I like to go before time for the course every day. Because when I do the course I want to sit at my teacher’s feet. So I needed to get up early to be there to get a place ahead. Every day I ended up waking up and reaching the venue earlier than the previous day. The last day I woke up around 2:20 or so and got ready and reached the VM (Vishalakshi Mantap) around 3:40. I was outside praying hard, and even the ‘gurkha’ (security guard) didn’t let me inside because it was only him. There were two dogs there and back then I was really scared of them; and I was really praying ‘Oh Guruji look after me, there are dogs here’. All the time I kept looking at the dogs and praying and wondering when the ‘gurkha’ would let me in. Later that day, Guruji came in at 11 o’clock for the session and the first thing he said was “kuch log do teen baje uth kar naha dho key yaha aa jate hai” (Some people get up, have a bath and come here at 2AM-3AM early in the morning).

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