Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Wonderful Visit

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It was a great day for all of us studying in IIT Delhi. Guruji was to visit us that day! We sat in the IIT common room for the volunteer's session with Avinash Tiku, who was preparing us for Guruji's upcoming visit to Delhi, explaining to us that it is not wise to 'chase' the Master, especially when He is in our own city, and that it is way more important for us to ensure that new members of the Art of living, or the new volunteers should get their own moments with Guruji. This made complete sense to almost all of us in that room.

Guruji was in Delhi the next day, big reason to be happy. But a bigger reason was that He had agreed to give an hour of His time to all the YES!+ volunteers. This much awaited session was being organised by a dynamic group of teachers and volunteers in an auditorium in South Delhi. My duty for that particular day was to ensure that every individual in the IIT campus, who was interested in meeting Sri Sri, should get a fair chance to meet Him! We quickly floated messages, emails and pasted posters in the campus and decided on meeting at the "round-about" at 5 pm sharp (for the session was to begin at 6:30 pm). As usual, by the time we gathered our friends and acquaintances, it was already 6pm! No one wanted to miss meeting Guruji, and so to ease the restlessness in the volunteers, I started sending them in groups in different autos that were available. Finally at 6:25 pm, it was just the four of us left. We quickly grabbed the last auto and asked him to fly us to the auditorium. All of us were extremely happy that we would finally get to meet our master after months of wait; we were deciding on different kinds of questions we would ask Him, and while our excitement grew, my phone rang.

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