Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sri Sri My Angel

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My Art of Living journey began when I was a 7-8 year old kid, and did the Art Excel course. Thereafter, at the age of 14, I did the YES! course, following which, I did not miss the Kriya even for a single day in four years, until one day, when I felt a sudden, gripping pain in my stomach, and within minutes it grew so bad that I couldn’t even move my legs. And before anybody could understand anything, I started vomiting blood. I was rushed to the Doctor and was diagnosed with cancer of the ovary of second stage. The tumour had burst, leading to extreme bleeding.
All this happened just a day before I was to appear for an exam, that too of a very difficult subject. Moreover, the doctors said that the only cure was to remove my ovaries. We were shocked! I was unmarried and was only 22. It meant that it would ruin my future!

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