Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Receiving the Best

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I would not attribute any one particular miracle to Guruji - rather, my coming into the Art of Living, my meeting the great Master, my change in perspectives of life – all that would be called the greatest miracle.

When I first did the Basic Course, it was purely out of curiosity. Curiosity paved the way for more courses, and each course facilitated a change in me. I, who would earlier never stand in a queue, was actually waiting for hours in a long line to meet Guruji. I, who would never compromise on my comforts, was actually willing to share a room with four strangers during the Advance Course; and I, who used to chatter ceaselessly, actually wanted to remain silent even after the Advance Course was over.

When I see an animal suffering, I feel the pain. When I see a child laughing, it reiterates my faith in humanity. When I sit down for prayers, I sometimes feel the tears trickling from my eyes. What was earlier taken for granted is now cherished by me with a deep sense of gratitude. This complete change in my nature is entirely because of the influence of my Gurudev.

What is even a greater wonder is that my entire family has done the courses and has emerged way happier after it. Whenever I face a problem, I just have to think of Gurudev, and the solution occurs!

Guruji does not pamper me. Rather, He guides me through life with a strict hand. And I come out the stronger one. I do not always get what I want; but I always get what is best for me. I remember the struggle my husband and I had to go through when we were finding a matrimonial match for our daughter. For two years we struggled with different prospective matches that came our way.

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