Thursday, April 3, 2014

Master’s Grace

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Being part of the Art of Living family, we see miracles happening every day in our lives. Whatever we pray for in our hearts immediately manifests with Divine blessings. This happens very fast when we have unshakable faith in the Master. My life is also full of miracles, but there is one special incident that I would like to share with you all.

I am a Software Engineer. I graduated in 2006. I did the Art of Living course in 2007. After that, my life has completely changed. Guruji sometimes says that when a person comes onto the spiritual path, he has to face many challenges in life. I too had many dreams to reach the top position in my workplace, which is definitely not an easy task to accomplish. I thought that since I was an Engineer, things would work out in my favour. But it turned out completely opposite. I was on bench for the first year and during this time, I didn’t get any technical exposure due to lack of on the job work experience, and then immediately I was put onto complex assignments. Obviously, I failed to deliver as per the expectations. I changed many jobs but somehow none of them seemed very appealing to me. I then began to realise that I was not enjoying that area of work. I did not like what I was doing. I was not able to develop the passion for doing a technical job. I was in a real fix. I did not know what to do to earn a living. A few personal issues were also running behind in my mind since two years, and I was not able to come out of those memories.

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