Thursday, April 17, 2014

He Held My Hand and Walked With Me

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This is a story which rolls back to 2010, when I had just finished my 10th standard board examinations and was confused about what to study further. My mom wanted me to take up Science but I hated that subject and wanted to take up Commerce.
I went to the Bangalore Ashram for my 2nd Yes! course. During lunch in the kitchen, I met an uncle who approached me and asked me what my name was and what was I doing. Surprisingly, after a long conversation, he somehow convinced me to take up science. My mom was also in the Ashram. I ran up to her to tell her my final decision. To add to my surprise, my mom’s roommate randomly told me that I should take up Ayurveda as a field after 12th. I agreed and was contended.
I came back home and things started getting easier for me now because my Master chose everything for me. From my field to my college to my classes, just everything! It was like a cake walk.
After completing my 12th board examinations with flying colors, I realized the difficulty of entering the medical field and I was confused and started thinking that I am not fit for this and that maybe I should just give up and go back to Commerce. But then, I went to the Ashram again for another course.

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