Sunday, April 20, 2014

Beautiful Recovery

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I came into the Art of Living family in December, 2006. My husband and I were keen on doing the Basic course much earlier, but somehow nothing worked out because of my mother's old age and poor health condition. She had dementia, and no one was ready to take her responsibility during the period of the Basic course, when I would be away from home. So unfortunately, I could not experience the course then.
With the passage of time, performing the role of a caregiver to my mother took a toll on me. Slowly by slowly, I started to slip into depression. And soon, I was in a bad condition. I consulted a doctor who gave me anti depressant tablets, and it made my condition worse. After a week of medication, my husband felt that there was no improvement and therefore we decided to consult our family doctor, who was also treating my mother then. This doctor advised me to do the Basic course (AOL), which he said would do me good, rather than getting addicted to medicines. The same day, we telephoned the Ashram to inquire about the ongoing courses, and to my good luck, the course had started that very day.

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