Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Miracle for every Surrender

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This is a very special guru story for me. I was in my 5th semester electronics and communication B.E under graduate course in Bangalore university. I did my first AOL Basic course in my 3rd semester and ever since was spending time in ashram doing seva and exploring the new world of AOL in my life. I was also an active sportsman and was captaining my college cricket team, playing 1 division league for my club. I got selected to represent Bangalore university in swimming and captained the Bangalore university softball team, and there are Guru stories in their own right which I'll share later. I had 800th rank in CET and was selected completely on merit in engineering.
I was missing many classes due to my sports activities but luckily was getting the attendance as I was representing on behalf of my college and university however I was still missing out on important classes. This story is about the electronics lab subject. We had a practical lab class every week with around 20 experiments. I had missed almost half of that. Though some of them could be understood and learnt outside the lab, some of them were very complicated circuits and needed special connections and settings to get the output. The most complicated of them was the staircase waveform generator on the oscilloscope which I missed. The exams were nearing and I had to prepare for the practical exam. I chose to prepare those experiments where I was present and a few more which I could understand. But towards the end I didn’t have enough time and was not in a position to prepare all 20 experiments. The staircase generator was left out but I had enough confidence since I had prepared around 15 and I would get one of them. The previous batch went into the exam hall and generally only few experiments are given and we got to know from the previous batch that staircase generator was included. I got a little demoralized but didn’t have enough time to study that so I was revising the others still hoping that I’ll get the other ones. A friend passed by and showed me the complicated circuit of the staircase generator which I just looked for a second but continued revising my other experiments. It was the turn of our batch now and I walked to the hall and picked up a chit from the box and to my shock I got the staircase generator experiment which I had left out. I didn’t know what to do, I froze and sat at my desk helpless. Some of my classmates who were actually bright, had attended the class and took lab tuitions too also failed to get the output in the exam. I got really helpless and tried digging in deep into my photographic memory to see if I could flash the image of the circuit I looked at for a second some time ago. I scribbled some circuit, started setting up the circuit board with basic settings, but had no idea how to proceed. Time went by and we had only half an hour remaining. I sat there completely utterly helpless and went into a deep moment of surrender and letting go when I went into a deep state of meditation and a heightened awareness dawned on me instantly after that I opened my eyes.

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