Thursday, February 27, 2014

Guru Grace is our lifeline

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Below is one of the many situations of my life which happen a couple of years back in 2012 where HE has blessed me with unbounded Grace -
I studied the TYBMS (Bachelor of Management Studies) course in a top management college in Mumbai. I would graduate in April and was looking for a job. I was looking forward and highly depending on college campus placements. Four companies came to college; I got out after the first round for one, could not attend the second. For the next two, out of hundreds of applicants, I made it to the top five but still did not get the job. I wanted a job in Marketing but these were all financial companies, but due to limited availability I did not mind taking up the Finance job. Two more companies came to college but even after clearing the final round I did not get any job offers. Most of my friends were already well placed and I started wondering why I was left out, in spite of having a Master.

It was the month of January now, I was kind of lost and did not how should I react and what my state of mind must be. Back then Shivratri celebrations were scheduled on 20th Feb in Ashram in the presence of Sri Sri. I had no intention of attending this celebration, until a friend who was already going, one day she suddenly told me that I must come along, we both were somewhere out on our way to satsang and she said with great conviction why don't I come for shivratri ? I will help me gain the strength and the luck which I desperately needed. I thought to my self that I did not have any scheduled interviews for those 4 days, nor did I have any other plans, so I quickly booked my bus tickets and reached Ashram for Shivratri.

It was indeed a great experience, attending the Rudra Pooja on Maha Shivratri with Sri Sri, I was happy and blissful. I dropped all my wishes and fears on the humble feet of my Master. One day after shivratri, Sri Sri decided to meet everyone who had come to ashram, this was the turning point. I thought to myself if I get a chance, I will tell Guruji about my job situation.

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