Friday, February 21, 2014

Dreams Do Come True

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I would like to share with one and all a sweet story of my life. I am a Hindu girl who married a Parsi boy, in the year 1995. We had a Court marriage.

Having gone through a lot of turbulent times, while I swam against the tide, I finally found my saviour in SRI SRI in 2005. Still swimming against the same tide, albeit with a Smile(that happens when you find a GURU), I realized that following what HE said, and eventually becoming an AOL full time teacher while continuing my dental practice for 4 hours a day, I had seen and was moving towards the shore, which I never imagined actually existed. All my dreams had been realized, in just a span of 3 odd years since I met my GURU - SRI SRI.

But we all know and have experienced at some point, how one desire leads to more desires, and so the lingering pain of not having been married in the presence of Gurudev, and rather accepting blessings from Law instead, started raising its ugly head. Whenever a difference of opinion rose between me and my husband, or whenever we felt at crossroads, I fell back to our court marriage as the reason for it.

Finally in 2013, my husband decided to take that excuse away, and decided to take me for GURUJI's blessings to the Bangalore Ashram. This was on the occasion of our 18th wedding anniversary. Deep in my heart, the dream of getting married in the presence of Gurudev, in a traditional Rajasthani way, started taking hold of me, first as dreams at night and then during the day too.
Finally the day arrived, and we found ourselves standing in Shakti Kutir with H.H Sri Sri Ravishankar. I still have to pinch myself to wake up from what ensued. As soon as I told Guruji when He put sweets in my hands, that it was our wedding anniversary, what followed was MY DREAM, to the minutest detail, and that too without uttering a word to my Master about it.

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