Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Faith & Surrender

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Though there are many miracles happening with Guruji’s presence in our lives, I would like to share something which I recently experienced.
It was April 2011 before TTC, when I did a DSN with Vinod Menon. I had a blissful experience while on the course, and felt a lot of peace and serenity. I was doing my Seva (Service) and Sadhna (Practice) regularly and also was attending Satsangs regularly.
I have embedded the words of Guruji, Sri Sri Ravishankar - “Everything is being taken care of” in my heart and soul, and this gives me the confidence and faith to leave aside all my worries and just relax.
This incident happened with me in the Regional Transport Office, opposite Mico Factory, Electronic City, Banglaore. My two-wheeler License needed to be renewed, and I had to get a new plastic card driver License for my four-wheeler as well; so I thought of getting both the jobs done at the same time.
With a very positive frame of mind, I reached the RTO office, and went straight to the Enquiry desk. An old gentleman was on the counter, I asked him how I could get the license renewed, he frowned and said, “It’s not possible here, go to Mysore (a 4 hour drive away) and get it done.” I then recalled that I had got the license from RTO Mysore in the year 1993. I requested him to help me find any other way this could be done here. He was kind enough to respond to my words, “Go and talk to RTO.” I requested him, “Can I talk to the Head, RTO now." He gave me a scary look and said that he would also say the same thing. I gave him a smile and asked him where the Head sits. As directed, I followed him. Inspite of a huge rush, he took me to the regional transport officer, Uma Shankar. He was on the phone at the time. Meanwhile, I looked at Guruji’s photo which was on the wall paper of my HTC windows Smartphone during those days, & said mentally, “GURUJI KUCH KARO” (Guruji please do something) and smiled. The Officer looked at me, and asked, “What’s the problem?” in Kannada, I smiled back at him the AOL way, and explained my problem.

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