Sunday, December 15, 2013

Whatever Happens, Happens For The Best

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There was this one late evening, me and my mother were going back home from a meeting at the Art of Living center, Jaipur. There was joy and enthusiasm in the air, as Sri Sri was to visit Jaipur (a city in India) and there was full-fledged work going on for the same. Banners & hoarding had been put across the city.
While driving, we came across a circle and began looking for the event banner (though I had already seen it at many different places). I could only see one big hoarding of some FM channel, but my mother saw the one for our AOL event, with Guruji's picture on it. This led to an argument between us. I was telling her that there was no hoarding there, while she said there was one! By then, we had already gone half a km away from the circle, and were on the main road. My mother was still adamant on showing me the hoarding and told me to stop the car. So I parked the car at the side, though that was a pretty narrow road and only one vehicle could pass at a time, so I parked in front of someone's house. Then we got down, went closer to the hoarding location, saw it properly and then returned. All this was happening somewhere close to 10 pm.
Till now, everything sounds so meaningless to you right? Firstly, wanting to see a hoarding which we have already seen before, then arguing over it, and then literally getting down the car to see it, that too at 10 pm at night! I was not able to understand the purpose of this entire episode.

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