Thursday, December 19, 2013

Towards a Healthy Life

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Being in the software industry, I used to work late hours, eat lot of junk food, have meals at irregular timings and would not even do any kind of physical activity or exercise. On the contrary, I used to feel that nothing would happen to me at such a young age, and thus I would keep procrastinating the idea of living a healthy and fit life, in spite of knowing that my father and wife were already facing health issues. Putting a brave front, I would try and move forward.
But my health was deteriorating significantly. Upon research, I found out as to how deadly BP can be, and its long term impact with medicine. Taking BP medicines also has side effects in the long term. I cursed myself for being so ignorant of the health problems arising due to irregular food and work habits. I realized that I had to accept the situation first. On doing so, I then focused on finding a solution to this health problem, and started some physical activity. It was very difficult to continue due to motivational issues. I started some Yoga but then discontinued in between. Somehow I wasn’t able to regularize my schedule. I was finding the entire process very tough. After 2 years of medication, I decided to give myself one last chance of getting back to shape and worked very hard. I became energetic, lost good amount of weight and started to feel healthy. However BP was still an issue, and I continued on medication. After 5 years of using BP medicines, in the year 2008, I came to know about the Sudharshan Kriya and did the AOL course. The first Kriya session was an amazing experience! I instantly fell in love with it and became very curious about it.

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