Thursday, December 5, 2013

Presence of My Master

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The day was August 23, 2013. It was supposed to be just another ordinary Friday at work. Just as I was about to
leave for office, I decided to go for an Ultrasound test of my stomach. I was reeling with slight but constant pain on right-hand side of my abdomen since the previous day. I was thinking this could be something more than regular pain, but I tried to brush away the negative thought.
I went for the test and just as I got my report, I realized that the report read - "Acute Appendicitis". The moment I was all set to dump all thoughts of negativity out of the window; I got this unpleasant surprise. I stood still, thinking - "Oh My God! Operation Theater ?? Guruji - Why? Why? Can't something nice happen for once?” I felt scared for a minute, thinking this was just not needed.
The consulting physician saw the report and advised me immediate hospitalization and appendix removal. Then the Surgeon looked at my reports and said that an operation was imminent. His words made me feel so unprotected and uncared for; just because I had to get admitted then and there.

My father and I decided to get the operation done the same day itself. We knew waiting was senseless as Appendicitis is a sudden revelation and has only one remedy to it. It can't be treated orally.
I reached the desk and started filling the form. Suddenly, I felt a tear trickling down my eye. I wiped it gently, and closed my eyes and engulfed myself in a sea of faith, believing and knowing that I am watched, cared for and protected.

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