Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Yes, He is Always Looking After You!

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There are many such incidents that have happened with me, that have elevated my faith, and here is one among the most amazing moments that I have experienced.
After finishing my blissful AMC, I had to visit my uncle’s place in Bangalore. I took a bus from the Ashram to Banshankeri (a place in Bangalore) (I was new to this place and had absolutely no idea about the routes, and this was the first time I was travelling alone). On reaching the Banshankeri bus stop, I got into the wrong bus to reach my destination. I had no idea where I was heading. I was then dropped at the KR market. Again, I was clueless as to where to catch the next bus from. I had a very heavy bag with me because of which, after some time, my hands became numb and painful. And to add to my agony, there was heavy traffic. So I decided to ask one of the travelers who had come in the same bus as me. I asked him, “Where is the bus stop?”. And I was once again misguided. It was already 6 in the evening, and I was still searching for the bus. By this time I was in tears.

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