Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Power of Daily Meditation

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I have been sailing off the Indian coast in Offshore Vessels on Contract basis for 2 to 3 months at a stretch in each Contract, to make my living. An Offshore Vessel is a small ship and often rolls and pitches i.e. rocks with the waves. The routine on board is very tight, with limited time to even sleep. I have rarely ever done the Kriya on board. Even when at home on leave for over 2 months at a stretch after signing off from the ship, I was never regular with the Kriya.

But during my recent Contract, I took a firm resolve to do the Kriya (meditation) daily on board the ship, I had decided come what may I will do the Kriya. The ship had a very hectic charter this time but despite all odds, I did the Kriya daily. I even motivated one of my colleagues on board to do the Sadhana practices, who had done Part 1 Course a few years ago but had discontinued with the Sadhana practices. It was a great and wonderful experience. I could sense my bonding with Guruji growing stronger and firmer, with each passing day.

Three months had thus passed,I was regular with my Sadhana practices. I had performed exceedingly well on board, had even been promoted to Captain and the ship had successfully completed all tasks of the Charter. My Contract had got over and I was keen to sign off and go home. But this was getting delayed, due to various circumstances. The ship was continuously at sea and there was no indication of getting back to harbour - which is normally a necessity for my reliever to embark and for me to hand over & sign off.

Though I resigned myself to my fate; one day, I found myself telling Gurudev that how I wish I could sign off and reach home - to be in time to attend the Long Kriya on Saturday, 08 June 2013 evening with my wife. I was really keen to go for this Follow - up Session, but it was less than a week away and so impossible.

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