Sunday, October 6, 2013

First Visit to the Ashram

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Ever since then, I had seen the pictures of Bangalore Ashram and heard loads of experiences of devotees, especially from my brother. I had this strong desire to go there.

I reached the Bangalore Ashram on the midnight of 14th August. I just cannot express in words the gratitude that I felt at the doorstep of the Ashram. I got to know at the reception that around 11,000 devotees from Kerela itself had come to visit Guruji, so, the Ashram was packed. The following day, I woke up early and went to visit the VM and had the most wonderful sadhna (Practice) session there. Thereafter, I began my treasure hunt for Guruj’is darshan

So I reached there quickly. It was situated on a hilltop and had one of the most beautiful panoramic views that I had ever seen. It was all dazzling with the preparation of Sri Sri’s arrival. Guruji came there soon with some dignitaries. He saw the envelope I was holding and His eyes twinkled, just like a 2 year old child’s! He came near me and gestured that He would take it from me later on. He performed the Pooja (Prayer), inaugurated the operation and then came on the stage and addressed the audience. I luckily got to sit in the second row. He looked at me and blinked His eyes in such a cute manner, as if acknowledging my longing to talk to Him. After the function ended... Click here to Unfold this Lovely Guru Story on Sri Sri Miracles

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Happy Navratri

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