Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sri Sri is Everything For Me

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Just after a few months I did the Yes! Course, I came to know about the 'Colors of Joy' course which would be taking place at the Bangalore Ashram. I thought this was the best opportunity for me to meet my beloved Guruji. However, my father refused saying I could not go there. ButI had faith that I would be able to go and meet him. I did not end up going, but I got the beautiful chance to talk to him on the phone a few weeks prior to Colors of Joy through an offer by the Airtel operator services. I never imagined that out of thousand callers, I would be the one who would get to speak to Him. I felt that this was arranged just for me. He knew I would not be able to meet Him and so this happened to me. I was sad and happy. I told him about my wish to.... Click here to read this Beautiful Experience on Sri Sri Miracles

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