Sunday, August 18, 2013

Walking on the Right Path

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I was given accomodation during Pre-TTC (Teachers Training Course) in the home of another participant and I stayed with him the night before the first day of the Pre-TTC. After the first day of the course, we were let to relax by 10:30 pm. My friend and me started walking to the bus stop to reach home soon and relax as the next session was supposed to begin very early the next morning.
As we went near the bus stop, my friend noticed that there are other participants who were looking for some help in shopping and returning back to their place. He wanted to help them out so I told him to go ahead. Since I didn't know the city and wanted to retire for the day, I took the house key and got into the bus thinking I can make it to the house. When the bus started to move, I realised that I don't have my phone with me.
I went to the bus driver and requested him to help me with the address since I remembered the street name vaguely and he complied. I traveled for a few minutes and I noticed a stop name on display that was partially to what I remembered. I went to the driver to confirm for which he replied in broken English that I'm right. I was very happy that finally I made it and got down.
I started walking and realized it was very dark and there were very few street lights. Though I could feel that I haven't seen that bus stop in the morning, I started moving thinking since it is dark, I could be bit confused. Relying on the confirmation of the driver, I kept walking confidently but realized that I was lost.
Then a thought came to me that it’s not me who decided and made it to Pre-TTC, its HIS plan. If coming to the course is HIS plan, taking me further also should be HIS only. With this thought, I continued to walk little further.

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