Monday, August 26, 2013

The Power in Master Grace

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This is an unforgettable phase of my life. The death of my dear mother had devasted me. The health of my uncle (the only father figure at home) was deteriorating day by day. He felt he was a liability for us and his illness was hindering our lives. My daughter Sanaya too, had long working hours (sometimes even till 2AM). On the day of Holi (this festival comes in March) evening, when everyone was resting having celebrated this day of colors a disaster occurred in our lives. My uncle had committed suicide. It had broken me down completely. I had planned to go for Sangeeta Jani’s (a senior teacher of art of living) Advance Course at Matheran (a hill station near Mumbai) which was scheduled shortly after this incident. For obvious reasons, I had to cancel it. However, our beloved Guruji blessed me and told me.... Click Here to read this heart warming experience on Sri Sri Miracles

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