Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Caring Sri Sri

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I am associated and connected to Sri Sri since 12 years now, have been travelling for Satsangs and Courses to nearby places while also looking after my business (Manufacturing Paints). Whenever I was out of my factory, there used to be some or the other problem that worried me.
Due to this I was continuously e-mailing Guruji about the issues but didn’t get any reply. This went on for 2 years. In between, I had recorded my album and had met Guruji to give Him the CD and get it blessed.

When, I met the publication authorities in the Ashram. I got to know that because of various problems, my CD could not be released. This was shocking and I was weeping in Ashram the whole day.
Finally, in total frustration, I wrote to Gurudev about my experiences, and the amount of issues I was going through. I wrote to Him this final email & forgot about it, thinking that He must be running short of time to read it. I thought to myself, He just keeps on saying that He cares but in reality its nothing like that.

To my surprise, 20-25 days later, in the night at 10:45 pm, I received a call. When I answered the call, a lady asked me if I had written an email to Gurudev. I was annoyed and replied that I had but asked who was calling. And the reply I got was -
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