Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Everything happens for a good reason

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On 18th June, 2013, Sri Sri was going to visit the BITS (one of India's leading educational universities) campus in Goa (Western state of India), where there would be a satsang (Vedic hymns and chants) and then he would address the students of the college.
We boarded a bus, and were on our way to Goa. We reached by 5pm and thought we would easily make it on time since the Satsang was going to start at 6:30pm.
We reached just as a bhajan (devotional hymn) got over and Sri Sri took hold of the mic. For the next two hours Sri Sri took over. He amazed me, mesmerized me, made me fall in love with him and everything that he spoke. ‘Today is definitely a special day’, I thought. We lost track of how time flew by, and before we knew it, Guruji had left the auditorium
We boarded a local bus, and by 9:45 pm it dropped us at the national bus stop that would take us back to our hometown.

We were confident that we would get the bus and we politely rejected an offer to stay back at the home of an acquaintance’s place. To our horror, the bus stand wore a deserted look. There was not a single bus in sight. Suddenly, my friend Deepak asked me if I had collected his bag. I asked him, "Was I supposed to collect it?", and right there we froze. Deepak’s bag went away with the local bus, which we had no idea was going to which location. It contained his ATM card, Driver’s License and some money. I silently prayed to Guruji to get us out of this mess.
Once we accepted the situation, and knew that we weren’t in control of it, we actually seemed to have gotten some control of it. That is what happens when you completely surrender. I immediately recalled that the bus had.... click here to read this beautiful Guru Story on Sri Sri Miracles

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Happy Raksha Bandhan

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