Thursday, August 8, 2013

Chaotic Fun Turned To Grateful Fun!

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Guru Stories are ongoing sagas and sharing them each time fills my heart with gratitude. My marriage to Vivek is also His story and even post-marriage, He did not stop, instead the Guru Stories are increasing more and more.
So here goes - straight from the heart!
After the beautiful trip at Kashmir (beautiful hill station in India), we had our flight back to Delhi (a city in India) from Jammu (nearest city from kashmir that has an airport) on the 10th of June at 8am. Luckily, we happened to scroll through our mailbox on the 9th night at our cousin’s place and realized that our flight had been rescheduled to 12 noon on 10th June. Our travel agent had dropped a mail 3 days back for the same. We were grateful for the suddenly peeping our mailbox else the following day would have come into trouble.
So we got ready the next day to reach the airport on time but… Continue Reading on Sri Sri Miracles

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