Thursday, August 15, 2013

At the Home of the Divine

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I got a call from my father to leave immediately for Kumbakonam (town in the southeast state of Tamil Nadu, India) to visit a few temples.
Initially, I was a bit reluctant but I did not want to say no as it would cause an unwanted conflict between my father and me, since he is not very much into Art of Living. So, I packed my bags that evening and left for the Shanti Nagar bus depot in Bangalore (Karnataka, India) from where I could get the bus to go to my destination.
Due to excessive rush, I was not lucky enough to get a sear. I did not know how to tell my father that I would not be able to make it for the pilgrimage. I prayed to Sri Sri and told him that I am coming to your birthplace, Papanasam (15 km from Kumbakonam) and it is your responsibility to make me happy.
I could believe my prayers were answered by Him so quickly. To top it all, no one came for in those remaining seats. It was like all ten seats were reserved only for me and I had a wonderful ride. He kept his words, "Your desires were answered even before it came to you mind". And so I reached Kumbakonam comfortably. When I called my dad on reaching, he said that they were stuck somewhere due to an engine problem and it would take another four hours to reach.
So, I took the next bus to Papanasam and went to Guruji's home. While I stood outside waiting for someone around to respond, a man who stays right in front of the house came out and asked about me. When I told that I am a devotee of Guruji, he... click here and unfold this beautiful Guru Story on Sri Sri Miracles

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