Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Unshaken Faith

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A week ago I happened to be in Bangalore for settling my son for his summer intern project. Prior to that I requested a friend to look out for a PG accommodation for six weeks and he shortlisted two places which didn’t appear suitable to us. Taking leaves from my office, i stayed for two additional days searching out for more places yet nothing appealed to us worth the money or of choice. Very reluctantly we managed to settle for a four-sharing room but kept that as the last resort.
We retired that evening with a heavy heart and went to sleep. After having a disturbed sleep, I woke up early next morning very concerned as we could not find a suitable accommodation even after searching for full three days neither was my son comfortable with the one we settled for last.
After waking up I prayed to Guruji to help me in the best possible way and in fifteen minutes exactly an idea struck me. Of course I was confident that Guruji will never let me down. A thought flashed in my mind to try contacting my friend’s son who was also my son’s senior from college. He was working at Bangalore and I vaguely remembered that he was staying in an apartment all alone. So I traced his number through a common friend and spoke to him in the next thirty minutes. The boy mentioned that he stayed alone and would be happy to share the apartment with my son. In addition to that I learned that he lived on the same road as my son’s office so the travel-time to his work every day would also be minimal.
Guruji has always been there for me whenever I have run into difficulties and was unable to solve issues on my own after my best efforts. I have always prayed to Him with supreme confidence that He is always there for me.
I joined Art of Living in May 2010 and did my first Sudarshan Kriya as a part of Art of Living Part 1 basic course that lovely evening and from then on, I have never felt any pressure or discomfort in my life - I knew I had His shield.
I have been to the Ashram once last June and now I will go back there for the Advance course. For now, I am trying to find some time and I am sure it will happen one day as He will make it happen.

Jai Gurudev!

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