Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Power of Longing

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It was last year during Holi when Guruji was on a tour to MP (Madhya Pradesh) and Rajasthan for a Maha Satsang in Udaipur which was held on 10th March 2012. We as a group of teachers from Baroda started early in the morning for Udaipur for the first time having hired a private vehicle. After a journey of about 7 hours we were about to reach Udaipur. Since everybody was longing for Gurudev’s darshan, we tried to contact the local teachers & resources to find out Gurudev's whereabouts but did not succeed.
Having got tired we finally decided to go to circuit house to relax & go for satsang in the evening directly. We still had to ask for directions to reach the circuit house from the locals. At one of the turning points having V junction we took a chance & choose the road with the upward direction.
After heading for about 3-4 kms we noticed dead end in front of the main gate of some big hotel. In order to reverse the vehicle, me & my friend got down to show direction to the driver owing to the hilly terrain. Suddenly she noticed a pilot car standing in the porch of the hotel. Excited we asked the watchman on the gate for any special guest inside & to our great surprise it was Guruji in there for some conference & was about to come out! Hearing this all the others in the vehicle literally jumped out with utmost joy and surprise.
Within a short while Guruji came out & we had His darshan in a small group of 10-15 people only.
Deeply satisfied all of us forgot our tiredness and were so grateful to Guruji for fulfilling our wish so miraculously. It is true that when deep longing and devotion hails, one automatically reaches to the divine.

Jai Gurudev!
Anjali Paknikar
Baroda (Gujarat)

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